Michael the Mummy

I took O to Michaels Craft Store yesterday – I needed supplies and he was up for an adventure. While there, amazed at the Halloween decorations out already, O picked out a little wooden coffin. It laughs when you open the lid. He said a mummy lives in it. Named Michael.

Naturally, we made a tiny mummy for the coffin today.

We started with a “skeleton” made of a decorative ball (meant for centerpieces and wreaths) and pipe cleaners.

We gathered our supplies – an old pillowcase, glue, and scissors. We made cuts in the fabric and then ripped it into strips. And began glueing. The best technique turned out to be making a pile of glue and dragging each strip through the glue.

It took concentration.

We let Michael dry almost all day. He is still a little damp and we are unsure if we will add a face. But we are pleased and Michael has now told me that he likes mac n’ cheese with lots of salt.

All in all a fun – and surprise – project! And totally kid-driven.

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